My Story

I am a wife, a mother, a serial entrepreneur and a certified professional life coach. I started my first business while in college teaching social dance which eventually grew into a full blown events company. However, I didn’t know what I had, I only created that company for extra income during school. I ended up pursuing the corporate life after obtaining a Bachelor of the Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach. Because that’s what you are suppose to do, am I right? Go to college, get a degree and get a corporate job, climb up the ladder, grow a family, and use your 401k to retire and then if you’re lucky, live life.

I found myself in advertising, selling infomercial ad space to corporate brands in Los Angeles. I wasn’t satisfied and felt that I was missing something. I wanted to move up in the ad world, earn a higher paycheck, and what most ad executives want: a better title. I stayed in the media business for 15 years, eventually earning a Vice President role. I thought I would be fulfilled once I achieved all the things I wanted, but unfortunately, I still felt empty and drained. Weekends couldn't come quickly enough. I sat at my desk daydreaming about what I would be doing if I didn’t have to be here. I thought about my daughter, wishing I was with her, instead of my parents watching over her. Once 5:30 pm hit, I was even more miserable sitting in an hour traffic to get home!

Outside of my day job, I did side projects to balance out my boredom. I filled my weekends with event planning and helping other people turn their business ideas into reality. Yes, I did that! People started hearing about how I started my own company and then they came to me with questions on how to start theirs. So I built a program and was able and excited to share it! Although I had a lot going on, I still felt empty inside. I was searching for something more and I just couldn’t figure it out. I’d pray and cry a lot.

Then something happened, I had this amazing opportunity to use all my talents to launch musicians into the entertainment industry, releasing their albums, booking their gigs and building their media presence. I finally enjoyed working and the best part was it didn’t even feel like work! I was supporting musicians follow their callings. I added this to my side projects and at year 3, I finally put my foot down. I created my own customized day job exit plan building a strategy on finances, time and mindset. Then I followed it and when I was ready, took the leap of faith and left my day job! I immediately felt all this weight lift from my shoulders and the light came shining down at me.

Looking back at every business or person I helped, I devoted myself to supporting them by figuring out a pathway to achieve their dream! I’m at my best when I am able to serve others bring out the great in them. Here I was thinking that everything I did was “just-for-now projects” until I find my true passion but that wasn’t it. I was always doing what I was suppose to be doing! I just didn’t know how to apply it or what mindset I needed to be in. I needed to help myself first and be shown the bigger picture. Which led me to the now.

What I do is what I believe.  I believe once you let courage take its course you will be able to go after what you want and live the lifestyle you have always wanted with profit and purpose.



Rose Buado is a business mentor and success coach for high-performing women entrepreneurs. She has her B.A. in Communications Studies and is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She’s held titles such as, Vice President, Marketing Strategists and Ad Executive for diverse advertising firms within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Currently, she’s the CEO of RVNB, an artist management agency, managing Fil-Am a cappella group, The Filharmonic. Rose has also successfully established online and traditional retail businesses. Having passion to serve and support the people around her, Rose has made it her mission to help other women build and grow their own business that empowers and excites them toward the personal, financial freedom they have always wanted.

Rose is currently serves as a Board Member for Cassidy’s Corner Café and 1 Million Cups, Long Beach - a program designed to educate, engage and inspire entrepreneurs around the country. Working with individuals, empowering them with the tools and resources to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their businesses.