Embrace 2018

Embrace 2018

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Let's get creative and put all the thoughts that have been running in your mind on paper.  Let's visualize and let's finally make things move!  On March 11th we will begin our journey, knowing exactly what we want and creating the path to make it happen.  Let's See it, Plan it and Do it!   

Embrace 2018 with special guest speaker, Licensed Board Certified Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Lakana Nicolas. 

"My goal as a therapist and life coach is to help you discover your authentic self, so that you can live a life filled with abundance of HAPPINESS. A life you have always dreamed! Be ready to take this journey of self-discovery!"

Vision Board Project also includes: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Scones, Finger and Croissant Sandwiches, Dessert and Fine Tea.

VBP begins promptly at 10am! See you there!

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